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    Paris SaaS Roundtable 2019

    Posted on: 09/04/2019

    Idinvest hosted David Spitz, from KeyBanc Capital Market, to share actionable insights on SaaS metrics. He engaged in a discussion with Michael Jais, CEO at Launchmetrics, to give perspective on SaaS benchmarking.Growth and efficiency both matter. But growth matters much more! Ironically, virtually every SaaS metric focuses on efficiency. Key takeaways from the survey:

    • Elite at scale are growing more than 50% and consume less than 1x ARR
    • But ultra-high speed has diminishing returns
    • Upsells/ expansions are far more efficient
    • Capital consumption defines destiny
    • Go-to-market choices have consequences

    You can read the full KeyBanc 2018 SaaS survey here.