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    Optimise your brand: the best ideas from big companies applied to start-ups

    Posted on: 08/03/2018

    At Idinvest, we often provide opportunities for start-ups and big companies to come together to share experiences and learn from one another. To this end, we brought together in one workshop JCDecaux, iAdvize, Lumapps, Geolid and Storefront, who each adopted an innovative and different perspective to help show the entrepreneurs gathered in the room how to design, strengthen or make more visible their brand. 

    iAdvize demonstrated the potential of conversational marketing when it comes to optimising digital acquisition costs, turning bounce rates of 98% into additional sales.

    JCDecaux shared their experience in advertising through their programme Nurture by JCDecaux.

    Through Social Advocacy, Lumapps provides all the tools to make workers the greatest representatives of their company. For after all, the greatest advocates of any brand will always be the employees who work for it.

    Geolid shared their analysis on optimising digital and local marketing to make the experience more personal, transfer correct information to customers and provide advertisers with analytical tools.

    Finally, flexible retail is an original way of establishing your brand - it can give it an unorthodox dimension and you access to new markets. This is how Storefront works with many advertisers across the world.