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    Do's and don'ts in the US: the secrets of success from start-up to unicorn

    Posted on: 31/01/2018

    Over the past 20 years, Idinvest has supported through its venture capital activity a large number of European start-ups, many of whom have almost inevitably managed to gain a foothold in the US.

    Such has been the case for Talend and Criteo, two French start-ups that have gone from receiving seed funding to being listed on the NASDAQ exchange in New York, both with a market capitalisation exceeding $1 billion.

    Bertrand Diard, CEO of Talend; Yann Fleureau, CEO of Cardiologs; and Johanna Ponte, HR manager at Botify and former Head of Compliance at Criteo, all took part in a workshop during which they gave their feedback on which steps to take and which to avoid for start-ups looking to develop across the pond.