Our Team

Daria Litvinova

Senior Marketing Manager

Daria Litvinova is a Senior Marketing Manager within the Investor Relations & Marketing department. Daria participates in numerous investor relations and marketing missions, inter alia in the processes of fund-raising and tender offers, market and competitive analysis, white papers preparation.

Before joining Idinvest Partners in 2019, Daria occupied the position of Head of Mission in Société Générale's General Inspection & Audit division for 7 years and was responsible for the perimeter of Investment Banking. Prior to that, Daria was a Senior Analyst at Honeywell International in charge of the portfolio of clients of the EMEA business for 3 years.

Daria holds an MBA degree in Banking and Finance from IUKB/ University of New York in Prague and is certified in Corporate Finance from Columbia Business School. She speaks English, French, Russian and Czech.