Our Team

Robert Jelski

Venture Partner

Robert Jelski joined the Idinvest team in 2012 as a Partner in Growth Capital. From 2000 until recently, Robert was sector team head and venture capital partner at 3i, specializing in the electronics, semiconductors and cutting-edge technologies sectors, and managed a portfolio of a hundred companies in Europe, the United States and Asia.

During his time at 3i, Robert was involved in more than 30 new investments, four of which represented 3i's first three projects in mainland China. His investments in the Smart Cities field include Smart Fuel Cells (which has since completed an IPO in Germany under the name EFOY Fuel Cells), Amperex Technology – a Hong Kong-based company operating in the lithium-ion batteries sector, since taken over by TDK, and Enocean, a German start-up dedicated to miniaturized energy harvesting.

He was previously Division Executive Chairman at Danaher and Eurotherm (now part of Invensys) in the United Kingdom and France. He began his career at HP's R&D division before being appointed European Marketing Director for telecommunications and semiconductors. Robert has a BSc in electronic engineering and a Master's in telecommunications and control as well as an MBA from INSEAD. A native English speaker, he is also fluent in French and German.