With more than 20 years’ experience, Idinvest Partners is a leading investment fund renowned for its ability to identify, select and accompany European SMEs through its different strategies. Idinvest fully understands the role it plays in attracting more international capital and in financing these companies.

Putting in place a Steering Committee will enable Idinvest to rise to the challenge and position itself within a competitive sphere. The Steering Committee’s main tasks are to:

  • Suggest strategic approaches;
  • Consider which levers of action to put in place;
  • Speed up the impact in terms of creating value, jobs and increasing international standing of the SMEs supported by Idinvest.

Therefore, the role of the Steering Committee is to accompany Idinvest’s overall strategic direction, both on a national and international scale, while also looking proactively at the way in which Idinvest and its partners can help rejuvenate value creation and the financing of SMEs in Europe.

Idinvest and its Steering Committee formalised its joint reflections in a White Paper published in 2019.

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