Idinvest portfolio company Neurala solves AI 'catastrophic forgetting' problem with new deep learning system
One of the current constraints of artificial intelligence is called "catastrophic forgetting", and researchers have been struggling with it for a while. According to sources from the company, Neurala's breakthrough solves the 'catastrophic forgetting' problem for deep learning neural networks instantly at the computing device, without the need of being connected to a server. "The ability to learn on the fly and at the edge means that the Neurala approach enables learning directly on the device, without all the drawbacks of cloud learning. In addition, it eliminates network latency, increases real-time performance, and ensures privacy where needed. Most importantly, it will unlock the development of a sea of cloud-less applications," Massimiliano "Max" Versace, CEO, says.





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On April 28, 2021, Idinvest Partners, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eurazeo since 2020, changed its name to reflect its integral position in the Group.
All activities in the Private Equity, Private Debt and Real Assets businesses now share the single Eurazeo brand.

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