Entrepreneurial Motivation Survey February 2018


Idinvest Partners has launched a barometer to track the UK population’s attitude towards entrepreneurship

  • A start-up capital: half of all Londoners are motivated to start a business, which is 16% higher than the UK as a whole
  • Almost a third of the total population have a definitive plan to start a business in the next year
  • Germany, Switzerland and Sweden are thought of as the best locations to start a business in Europe outside of the UK
  • Uncertainty in the outcome of Brexit is perceived as the strongest constraint to starting a business in the UK
  • Entrepreneurs are systematically more optimistic than the overall population on issues such as economic growth, employment and inflation

Economic Confidence in the UK

Entrepreneurs have confirmed their position on the world stage and received recognition for the crucial role the entrepreneurial spirit plays in supporting both economic and social progress,” explain Christophe Bavière, CEO, and Benoist Grossmann, Managing Partner at Idinvest Partners. “However, this progress masks the still significant challenges facing the next generation of entrepreneurs across Europe. Issues such as financing and economic security cannot be overlooked. We are heartened to again see such a strong entrepreneurial sentiment amongst the British people, especially amongst the younger generation, and excited to support the growth of the UK companies of the future.”

The post-Brexit challenge for the British entrepreneurial environment

“It is no surprise to us that London’s entrepreneurial DNA stands out from the rest of the UK. London’s unique ecosystem, talent pool and global outlook continues to protect UK entrepreneurs from the potential impacts of Brexit”, comments Dan Rogers, CSO and Co-Founder of Peakon (an Idinvest portfolio company).