Entrepreneurial Motivation Survey February 2017


UK Press Coverage:

Idinvest Partners has launched a barometer to track the UK population’s attitude towards entrepreneurship

  • Greater optimism from the UK population toward UK Economic outlook than European Economic outlook;
  • After the UK, Germany considered next best country to start a business, followed by Sweden, Switzerland and France;
  • Over half of the UK population are keen to start their own business, therefore 2 in10 people living in the UK will be entrepreneurs by 2018;
  • Access to the single market and the fundraising climate are top Brexit concerns for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Economic Confidence in the UK

“While some future entrepreneurs will be considering their options in light of Brexit, the majority continue to see themselves as future business owners and start-up founders”, said Christophe Bavière, CEO and Benoist Grossmann, Managing Partner at Idinvest Partners. “These findings clearly demonstrate the strong entrepreneurial drive at the heart of the nation and the belief that the UK continues to provide a supportive social and economic environment to foster this talent- a view that we continue to support. Over the past 20 years, Idinvest Partners has helped build a dedicated ecosystem for entrepreneurs. We look forward to supporting and growing the next generation of British talent.”

Despite Brexit, a strong entrepreneurial environment still exists

“The British entrepreneurial climate is as hot as ever; we're a nation of creative thinkers who value hard work, ambition and aren't too keen on having a boss. It's disappointing that we've chosen to distance ourselves from Europe, but I'm not surprised that budding UK entrepreneurs aren't deterred. I don't see any reason right now why people shouldn't be hugely optimistic about starting their own business” comments Alex Saint, Co-Founder and CEO of Secret Escapes (An Idinvest portfolio company).

“The UK is a tier 1 market for us. It is not only a very flexible and competitive market that requires from us excellence, but it is also a very important hub for extra-European markets in our area” comments Jean Canzoneri, Co-Founder and CEO of Ogury (an Idinvest portfolio company).