Entrepreneurial Motivation Survey November 2015


Idinvest Partners and Le Figaro are pleased to present the results of the third edition of their unique survey focused on entrepreneurial motivation.

This bi-annual survey of public opinion is conducted online by Viavoice with a representative sample of French adults (5,000 respondents).

Summary of findings

For this third edition, two additional surveys were carried out by Viavoice in the United Kingdom and Germany to compare the desire to start a business to their French counterparts.

56% of Germans are “entrepreneurially motivated - i.e. motivated to start their own business”

44% of British are “entrepreneurially motivated”

30% of French are “entrepreneurially motivated”

In entrepreneurial drive, France lags behind Germany and the UK

The third edition of Idinvest Partners’ entrepreneurial motivation survey (Envie d’entreprendre) paints a gloomy picture of France. Faced with a temporary decrease in entrepreneurship and outstripped by Germany and the United Kingdom in the indicators, France seems to have fallen - and appears set to stay - well behind its neighbors in the race to attract new business ventures.

The country’s number of aspiring entrepreneurs dwindled by the end of the year, with 30% of French people this month reporting a desire to start their own business versus 34% in April and 37% in November 2014. As a consequence, and despite more respondents having a “definite plan to start a business” in place, Idinvest’s entrepreneurial drive index took a 40 point hit for the annual period, dropping to 300.

The Germans and British seem to have it better. Nearly one in two UK residents (44%) are thinking about starting a business, as is the  majority of Germans (56%). “It’s a tough realization,” remarked Christophe Bavière, CEO of Idinvest Partners, referring to the yawning gap between France and Germany: “entrepreneurial drive in Germany is almost double what we are seeing in France.”

But French entrepreneurs have other advantages thanks to innovation and industry specific opportunities

Although France’s aspiring entrepreneurs are pessimistic about their country’s overall economic situation, they tend to view their own business sectors in a much more positive light: 60% see their field as an “asset” when it comes to starting a new business, compared to 54% of Germans and 40% of the British respondents. Benoist Grossmann, Managing Partner at Idinvest Partners, added that “French entrepreneurs believe strongly in the revolution that is taking place; they have a keen grasp of it, especially in the digital, biotech and cleantech arenas. That is why there have been some major French success stories and why our country is so full of entrepreneurial potential.”