With €8 billion under management, Idinvest Partners has been a key player in financing European companies for over ten years. Idinvest Partners invests between €2 million and €10 million per funding round and up to €15 million in total to help innovative high-tech companies develop and grow internationally.


Idinvest Partners’ venture & growth capital team draws on the complementary sector expertise of its 15 investment professionals. Each year, between €40 million and €60 million is invested in high-potential companies using a highly selective approach. To date, the team has supported over  100 companies and divested more than 20 investments. This capacity for regular and sustainable investment means Idinvest Partners can not only invest regularly in new companies but also provide long-term support to the investees in its portfolio.


Aside from the quality of entrepreneurs and their teams, the main criteria on which we base our investment decisions are target market potential, companies’ ability to grow internationally while maintaining a competitive advantage, and alignment of the interests of all stakeholders in the project.

The team chooses sectors where innovation is creating opportunities to develop companies that are fast-growing or have the potential to secure strategic positions in their markets. In most cases we unlock this growth potential, and we have developed recognized expertise in the following areas:

  • Information Technology (internet/media, software, telecommunications, networks, materials and components)
  • Healthcare (biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical instruments)
  • Environment


Idinvest Partners finances the growth of companies at various stages of maturity. Given our average five-years investment horizon, the majority of our investments are in companies with a minimum level of maturity. However, we invest in early-stage companies when the quality of management and growth potential means that divestment in line with our preferred investment horizon is a credible option.