To do its part in the fight against inequality, Idinvest Partners supports multiple social change organisations via the Epic Foundation (www.epic.foundation), a New York-based nonprofit startup aimed at today’s new generation of philanthropists and corporate donors. 

Epic’s goal is to connect donors with NGOs and social enterprises committed to redressing the inequities (in healthcare, education, welfare and economic empowerment) that affect children and young adults around the world. Epic is active in the United States and Western Europe, as well as in East Africa, India, Southeast Asia and Brazil.

The Epic Foundation operates transparently on behalf of major donors so that they can see the impact of their contributions. Epic not only hand picks the NGOs and social enterprises it works with, it also keeps a close eye on their progress and outcomes and builds intimate relationships with donee organisations, thus enabling greater trust between them and their donors. Epic’s board of directors covers its own overheads and all the costs of investment, so donations to the Epic Foundation go entirely to the organisations in its giving portfolio.

Christophe Bavière, Chairman of Idinvest, said he was “won over by the Epic Foundation’s operating model. Modern, transparent - it offers donors a complete picture of how their funds are being used and, more importantly, of the good that they are doing. That kind of trust is essential for everyone involved. It’s the basis of any long term partnership - the glue that binds together any effective philanthropic initiative.”.

Idinvest Partners has selected two organisations to support via the Epic Foundation:

offers intensive training in web and mobile app design for people who want to make a living from these skills. Its main target demographic is young adults under 25, with little or no higher education, from working class neighborhoods and rural areas. Other candidates may include jobseekers looking for a change of career, women, and senior citizens, all of whom are underrepresented in the tech workforce. Simplon.co offers trainees the choice between free courses to enhance their qualifications and tuition charging programs that grant a certificate at the end. Anyone can apply - the only prerequisite is motivation!

“The digital world offers more than just a new way to reach out to people,” commented Matthieu Baret, Partner at Idinvest. “It’s also a great catalyst for employment and re-employment. New technologies are everywhere in our lives, and we can leverage them to help disadvantaged people find a foothold in the job market.”

Sport dans la Ville was founded in 1998 and is the top sports-based association promoting social and workforce inclusion in France, with 4,000 young people participating in a full range of programs at its 26 athletic centres nationwide. The objective of Sport dans la Ville is to enable young people all over the country to build self confidence and the values they need to succeed: commitment, open-mindedness, respect, perseverance, high standards and hard work.


Since January 2018 and as part of its continued support of the Epic Foundation, Idinvest has exhibited in its offices a series of photos showing 15 or so social organisations dedicated to protecting childhood and fighting against social inequalities across the world.