Having first begun to think about Responsible Private Equity (RPE) in 2002, we are convinced that strong and sustainable growth cannot take place without considering non-financial aspects (environmental, social and governance factors - ESG). As investors, we are responsible for allocating capital entrusted by our subscribers to entrepreneurs who are preparing the future. Far from being a constraint, we believe this responsibility contributes to the high performance of investment strategies deployed by Idinvest and creates added value. 

We apply this philosophy across all of our activities (Private Funds Group, Venture and Growth Capital and Private Debt).

For all of our investments, we have always implemented plans for ensuring continuous progress throughout the entirety of their lifecycle. It is for this reason that at Idinvest, ESG (Environment, Social and Governance - the three pillars of extra-financial reporting) is becoming Sustainability and Impact. The difference is not purely semantic, but reflects a change in mindset. Whilst ESG can have a passive dimension (namely respect for compliance requirements), Idinvest wishes to be active, an agent of change that makes positive contributions to confronting the long-term challenges faced by society. Therefore, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Idinvest will evaluate the impact of its activities and its investments and will work towards making improvements day after day.

Idinvest Partners contributes to the SDG through both its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its policy on Responsible Private Equity (RPE). In particular, we invest in companies that have a positive impact on society and the environment.