Our Values

With a requirement to deliver the best possible performance, we have an expertise in discovering talent and are convinced that value creation is a long-term undertaking for both companies and shareholders.

Our aim is to invest in the leading companies of today and the future to actively support them in achieving sustainable growth and to contribute to their international development.

Thanks to their
high levels of sector expertise and rigorous investment methods, our teams have been able to seize opportunities to invest profitably in high-potential firms and to finance many innovative projects in new information technologies (IT, internet, telecoms, software and networks), healthcare and the environment.


  • Our desire to enhance businesses’ financial performance means that we act as a partner for entrepreneurs. We work alongside them on the same project, sharing a common vision.
  • We respect the independence of the firms in which we invest and provide them with expertise and advice in a variety of areas.
  • We are actively involved in the various phases of business development, from start-up (seed capital) through to transfer of ownership.
  • We develop strong, close relationships with our partners and clients, in line with our key values of trust, partnership and transparency.

As such, our voting policy, which reflects our total commitment to the firms in which we invest, is based on the core principle of corporate governance: one share, one vote. For us, this policy is a fundamental part of our management responsibility and must be applied in the best interests of unitholders in our funds.

Due to its strict policy concerning the conflict of interests, Idinvest Partners places a large importance on the interests of its fund’s shareholders. Idinvest remains vigilant in the risks of a conflict of interests which can not only create prejudice, but also damage the integrity and professionalism of the firm’s practices.


For usthe increasing economic influence of private equity as a driver of innovation and growth entails a number of duties. Since we are called to play an active role in economic development, we have a great responsibility to help finance the economy in healthy ways and provide a long-term vision.


We are absolutely convinced that our success would be worthless without our ethical commitment.

We have always put the issue of socially responsible investment at the heart of our investment process.

We are sensitive to our all-embracing duty towards the companies of the future and we strongly subscribe to the principles of sustainable development.

The choice of our investments in renewable energy, recycling and waste recovery technologies is aligned with our future-oriented corporate culture.

We are convinced that the challenges of the future require both high performance and a high level of responsibility.