Secondary transactions

With €2.5 billion under management as of March 31, 2018 and nearly 20 years of experience investing in private equity funds, secondary transactions and co-investments, Idinvest is one of the biggest players in the European market.


With over 80 transactions carried out since 2003, Idinvest is positioned in the market for small- and medium-sized secondary transactions (up to €50 million) in Europe. This market segment remains fragmented and is still largely inefficient. Idinvest Partners’ active presence in the primary funds market is a major asset when it comes to sourcing secondary transactions.

Idinvest Partners provides liquidity to private equity investors through two types of transactions:

  • acquiring portfolios of companies (direct secondaries)
  • acquiring units in mature private equity funds

Thanks to the visibility and maturity of assets already in the portfolio, secondary transactions improve the profile of short-term distributions and considerably smooth out the J-curve that tends to characterize traditional private equity investments.