Private Client Solutions


Almost 20% of Idinvest’s €8bn assets under management results from private clients. Idinvest allows particular investors to access, in a mutualized manner, the capital of companies which are considered to present strong growth potential. In order to adapt to the needs and demands of each one, Idinvest offers several types of asset management presenting different risk and return profiles. In line with its expertise, Idinvest offers a range of investment options in various private equity strategies: venture and growth capital, private debt, and investments on the secondary market.

Access to unlisted companies is usually reserved for institutional investors. By developing products which co-invest with its institutional funds, Idinvest allows individuals looking to diversify their holdings to invest directly in the real economy, whilst accessing operations, which up until that point, had only been accessible to institutional investors.

Idinvest therefore allows individuals to diversify their personal assets, whilst directly participating to the growth of French and European businesses that the asset management company accompanies throughout their different stages of growth, by using financing tools specifically adapted to their needs.

Today, Idinvest manages more than 70 funds for almost 100,000 private clients.